Sunday, February 11, 2018

Four Swedish songs

For the past couple of years I've had it in mind to make an album of Swedish-language songs for the Swedish-speakers in my family, and while I was getting over flu I recorded four songs. The links contain more information, including English translations.

Sol vind och vatten   (Sun wind and water)

A song by Ted and Kenneth Gärdestad, from the 1970s.  Ted was a teenybop star;  he wrote the music  and his elder brother wrote the words.

Dansen på Sunnanö (The dance at Sunnanö)

A song by the troubadour Evert Taube from the 1950s.

Visa (Song)

A poem by Dan Andersson from the early 20th century. I've reverse-engineered it into a real song, adding my own music.

För kärlekens skull (For love's sake)

Another song by T and K Gärdestad, from the 1990s.

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