Monday, August 08, 2005

Backwards from now

father's mother's - Belarus
climb up it, but you might wreck your tights (6)
salt really hurts your elbows
wasps like fennel
you can't collect plums in: birdbox voicebox jukebox boxkite
granat: garnet or shell (mil.)
3 x single duvets
"goat's cheese mountain"
had to go to the law
prevails / in the wafts of past-away time
hello - yeah - I'm at mine
the first few months they "starved"
further down you have "Okända
good school, Sundsvalls Kommunaler Flickskola
upset with her, because the trip to Lisseberg was
Dad scraping the rust off a tsuba with an antler
but we'll have our bloodmeal
himself on the steps of their house
You can see the tree-shadows through the tree-shadows
youthfulness kneeling in black and white
hangs by feathery juices
Salisbury Plain - first faint
ligule - how we plan to be pulled about - hinged arm-pit hair


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