Sunday, February 03, 2008

just so every all

waters lit up on the coal-road
wipers for seventeen hours
something I wanted to say has
reflected back up off the road

is a crosswind you signed on a vest
here in a crosswind you slithered out west

It is autumn, beauty
and you getting smaller
breasting the leaves

valentine's place at the piano
a letter you hid in the stool

cleared away to the north-east
five-fingered weeping, the rain on your shoes
a casement ope at night
a tinsel of chestnut cigars

is it even conceivable
you should walk back to the laurels in Croydon
retrieve your dress
from the old address?

Late in the night
the old moon rose
with an anxious face

Oh no more words, don't say to me any more words!


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