Monday, March 03, 2008

hand and that day

Apassionata - coronet - flashing hydathodes

pebbles of mud along Burnham sands

Pissards!....Pear!.... (Laura mimicking me pretending to identify blossom) .. while we dived slowly, or rather, very quickly, beneath rippled altostratus; and it's perishing;

cerise. I got two round-neck ones and a vee-neck one.

a period of merely aesthetic formalism; writers no longer instrumental in effecting political changewriters preferred not to effect political changeno change. believed they would only spoil a good causebelieved it would only spoil their writingbald hysterical insistent flat strident.


At 5:29 am, Blogger Vincent said...

I'm wondering what period that was, when the writers were no longer instrumental in effecting political change.

At 7:51 pm, Blogger Michael Peverett said...

I was thinking vaguely about criticisms of the Swedish "decade of modernism" (the 1950s) voiced in the 1960s by Göran Sonnevi and others. But it's a long-running debate, far from concluded.


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