Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Plastic mustard containers from Portugal and Sweden

Regret? Certainly... But it's time to give up on unnecessary plastic packaging.

Mustard is so easy to buy in glass jars, much better from the recycling perspective.

In Sweden, but not in the UK, metal "tomato puree" tubes are also popular packaging for mustard and other similar pastes. That's another good solution, if you like squeezing out a trail.

I appreciate that plastic dispensers are the practical solution for burger vans and lounge bars. But I can't justify having them at home.

I suppose I'm not alone in sometimes looking at the supermarket shelves not as full of products we want to buy but as a series of commodities that someone is trying to shift: plastic, sugar, wheat...


The table condiment is usually made from White Mustard (Sinapis alba), Black Mustard (Brassica nigra), or the S. Asian Brown Mustard (Brassica juncea). But these plants and their allies have many other uses, e.g. as edible (canola) oil, biofuels, and even for cleansing soil contaminated with heavy metals.

Here's a great article (from an Australian/New Zealand perspective) about the different mustard species and their uses, properties, and chemistry:


The electric guitar was the music of hydrocarbons.


Mortality      (Dödlighet)


We go on but they are gone, he
with his fingers on the
Gloster Gladiator.

From out at sea:
streets, suburbs. The patch
of tree trunks like coal. White light,
the redbreast hopping.

I'll race you home.
Once they glimpsed
the small creatures playing
on the fallen branch.
Was life long enough?

Lunch. Shepherd's pie in the elderly ward.

Cat's whisker. Can you hear?

We must preserve Venice.

Washing-machine. The hot grey
sun of Arabia. Mentally clear, ill.
Have you worn another hole
in that stocking?

Tender May time. I stretched --
No they had run off. In Kensington Gardens.


He arrived at the slow home --
easy, or hard? In its swept
all-shadow he
dispersed; his
shallow breaths, closed
lids, and now even
his ruins had
been left behind on the
journey. He had existed,
it made no difference. Beyond
the horizon, where turquoise still exists,
a tumult of rain-
and-sun moved through the gears,



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