Friday, May 02, 2008


enough's eNough, we've got to do something aBout this.

well, for whatEver Reason. we Are where we Are.

Funny how when someone writes a sentence they kick off with a big emphatic capital letter, but when people talk, it mainly isn't like that. In speech the upfront emphasis is so unusual that it's reserved for those exceptional atavistic sentences that are the most important ones we ever speak.

NO - ! ! !

Give me the gun.

Kiss me.

More commonly, talk emerges gradually out of silence, with a kind of preamble that isn't so big on content but merely confirms a speaker and a listener. Emphasis comes later, and often brings silence in its wake; a certain mental vacancy, a loss of invention, follows these clamorous efforts.

We associate writing with the imperative and the significant, but also with the insignificant and voluntary; the scratching of a quill, tapping away on the laptop. It may be that these associations are of no significance anyway; or it may be that noting the associations is not the same as saying anything significant about them. It may be that this sentence does not lie or tell the truth, is only a matter of preamble, maundering down a disorienting recession of modalities.


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