Wednesday, June 09, 2010

three more compositae

Three more Compositae species in my parking-bay, all probably introduced from Southern Europe and spreading from town to town of lowland England via the railway network. I love the variety-within-similarity of the flowers. First, the little orange one. This is Fox-and-Cubs, also known as Orange Hawkweed (Pilosella aurantiaca). (Laura thinks it's hilarious to call it Fogs-and-Cups.)

Next, the one on the left, which is Beaked Hawksbeard (Crepis vesicaria). Sorry that some of these photos are a bit rubbish; the camera really is dying so I have to go with what pictures I'm lucky enough to get at all.

Third, the one on the right, which I doubt if anyone will contradict me if I claim is Hieracium maculatum, about the only one of the 400-odd hawkweeds in the UK that most people will have a fair chance of naming correctly.

The distinctive features are a basal rosette of heavily purple-blotched leaves:

... and a single stem-leaf, likewise purple-blotched.



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