Tuesday, April 04, 2006

yesterday people

(Catches sight of the word BOGNOR upside-down and misreads it as BONGOR. Thinks about this for a while.)

Now read this. (flash slam) What did it say?


(Triumphantly turns it right way up: it says PEAHCES. Thrilled.)

    Today's Mon-day!
    Today's Mon-day!
    Is everybody happy?
    You bet your life we are!

God everyone would give you such a wide berth if you were on your own. - Right: these are going, I mean there's Relax and there's looking like crap.

    I need now to speak of myself as
    well as these swamp wattle flowering

Oh you didn't eat your shorters! Why don't you have it now. (annoying)

Because I can't open it.

(Opens it. Eats. Plane comes to a complete stop. People unclunk and get up in the gangway.)

    Collins Spanish orange block
        yesterday evening people
        sprinted, rain fell, floodlit
    daffodil yellow, green tea.
        people struggled with a poster,
    to pin it up. How much air there is,
    all over the sea, both sides of a fence.

Did she tell you off about it? Hey, do you ever dream you're fucking your sister?

No. (proper and slightly offended)

Well I do.

(shocked) You do?!

Yes, yes... Actually I've fucked your sister several times..

You cunt..

Ah, that was a good one..

    I'm glittering out in my words,
    I'm letting them say so.

    Look at these stanzas!
    He just doesn't care.

It was like walking across an ice-rink that sloped and I really didn't want to lose my footing, it just disappeared over the side. But what was amazing was seeing the flurry come at us across the tops. We looked down through it, and the lake turned buttermilk yellow. And oh yeah that's right, five seconds before it hit us these two ravens appeared from nowhere, dropped down right beside us on the ridge.

But yours wasn't a real mountain. More likely just a hillock.

(We carry on reading about crampons, snow-holes, etc)

People talk the same way about childbirth. Romanticised versions of hell.

    their swathe of flawless yellow -
        so many yellows!
    genitive seas [ran foaming] into
         spaces in shadowless morning
    came without saying a word
    a crush of sea-cousins lay down
        in the flawless & yellow gardens
    the purple & pleasant spicy leaves
    the brown & obstinate pods
        in sight of ledges sight of sea

I think it was longer than that.

Yes, I think I may have done it an injustice.

You sounded just like Roy Cropper then.

Shop stewart, a pair of lobbers

    arms folded & legs crossed - don't show any prongs!
    They'll stick kebabs on you!

I've got so much to say!

I know, you never shut up.

I mean in my book...

Oh, and that's it, is it? .. "CUT!"?


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