Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Brief History / poems

So this has become a literary Blog, of sorts. The literary material, if that's what you want, is all in the Brief History, which I now have links to, over there on the right....

Currently ongoing: Åsne Seierstad (Afghanistan), Wolfram von Eschenbach (plus Chretien/Peredur), addendum to Wordsworth ("terraqueous" Black Comb), G Greer (age), Yeats (Blood and the Moon). Temporarily crashed: K Boye, R S Thomas, Ashbery. Here's what I might write about soon: The Dice Man, The Old Curiosity Shop, The History Man, On the terrace (P-A Renoir).

Now I also remember that Alan Halsey's "DANGER or DANCER" is possibly a memory of a poem by Charles Tomlinson, so I want to put that into my article (disturbing experience; I actually felt excited about opening AH's book again, and I now disagreed with one of the main things I'd said about it). And when I asked him the supine of confiteor the fool didn't know. - yes, I wanted to write something about that, too. Aphex Twin Ernest Chausson Alec Broers Una Baines Pathclear saxifrage brown moss primula scape. Trees crash down, drinks disappear. Just how long can I spend at Wolfram's Joflanze, when all this is happening? Yet it's during these long stays, if ever, that I sometimes learn something worth saying...

If you want to comment on any of what's there then tell me in the email and we'll move the discussion to here.

The poems are on the right, too. There's something new flooding at the moment - which is why this blog is healthily sparse.


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