Thursday, February 03, 2005

70-221 Designing a Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Network Infrastructure

...mostly consisted of fragmentary epics, whose main theme was getting out of bed. He was just in the middle of revising an old one, as it happened. No-one had ever bothered to mention that they were all about getting out of bed, and it seemed he had not noticed this himself. I couldn't trust myself not to put it dismissively, so I shut up. Anyway, most of my own stuff was about getting up, too. As if one day he and I would really both rise from our beds and live... but properly, somehow.

I'm working for a technical exam at the moment. This has changed my lifestyle just for the moment - for example, I've read no poems for a few days and I don't want to. Instead I've been watching Newsnight, listening to Moyles in the shower, reading World History. And then there's a domino effect and I'm suddenly writing my blog properly, like other people do, in my own voice. All of this is happening just because of that technical exam. The snowdrops at my feet when I arrived. The snowdrops were so lovely that I felt tearful. Perhaps it was the shock of seeing them in the same moment that I switched off the engine and the Davidsbündlertänze - piano work by Schumann - broke off in mid-glory :- transformed into this still group, proliferous bulbs under the moss and their cool, solid corona, white and waxy.


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