Thursday, June 10, 2004

Diary of one winter

A winestain smudge, not swollen, it feels like I was lucky & all the metal splinters adhered to the flathead. After the screwdriver accident, discovered how much I used the pad of my right thumb: so much for pure consciousness.

Late Xmas decorations hanging beside the door-frame - soft cages.

Thin snow lay long in the cold. Intricacy of the dimpled patterns that form - every patch different. Like the winter branchwork of trees. (yet the snow is beneath biology, no genetic "character" to the patterning

snowdrops are white & green, the no-colours. They hold their heads.


Anyone prepared to confirm the statement of the "Fosse Way Magazine" gardening correspondent, that the timing of snowdrop blooms is connected with the date of the first full Moon after the winter solstice (aka the "Moon after Yule"), please drop me a line on - In fact, anyone with real evidence for ANY flower whatever being affected by the moon...


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