Wednesday, October 05, 2005

29.09.2004 16:09

J: Poops, catch!

(G catches paper scrumpled up into ball)

(J farts)

J: fucking hell it’s getting worse


G: Jesus

J: It’s horrible

D: You’ve really hit some form this afternoon

J: I’d like to thank my sponsors Kelloggs for the dodgy breakfast cereal


G: I disagree with you Dave Steff is not a twat. Who wants a drink from the machine.

D: Pot of tea please

G: from the machine...

D: what do you think of this John.

J: the quality’s not up to much is it

G: (to himself) Linda!?...

M: 38, please...

D: Where’s that picture

G: Right, drinks, you lot want water and Mike wants a 38. (Exit)


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At 6:29 pm, Blogger Michael Peverett said...

Hi Daniel - you know I rate your writing too. Thanks for commenting. m


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