Monday, September 26, 2005

Sketch of lieder - deaf clouds

What this meant, I realized, was the piece of cotton wool that you take out of your ear and the beneath is golden as if from a sunrise.

I want to fling them all away just like this! Straight into the bin!

The second song begins with me throwing open a window - the oil is too hot, the onion is smoking. On the window-sill I catch sight of a neatly folded handkerchief that isn't mine. It belongs to my darling who was here not long ago. I go to pick it up, I want to put it somewhere so I'll remember to give it back. (The pan is still burning, that's what's really on my mind.) But as I pick up the small handkerchief it seems cold, it's actually damp, for a moment I can't think why, it seems to be water not snot, and suddenly I know that she was weeping and couldn't tell me why but went away lonely.

In the third song autumn leaves are lazily spiralling, conkers are making a "thunk" noise in the park. Then the wind blows steadily and the leaves go flying sideways from the tree like the mane of a horse. Finally it is really a tempest, the red leaf whirls up into the sky! It is afraid, but full of longing, the red leaf of my soul that longs for its adventure.



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