Monday, December 12, 2005

in the dark

What’s happened?
We were having a drink. We ran out.
Mind my shopping.
There’s a man down here! Quick!
We’re coming over. All right now. Easy.
I'm all right, I think. Don't step on my shopping.
Where are you?
He’s in here on the rubble. Lying on his back. What the hell happened? The car didn’t hit you, did it?
I don’t know. I thought it did. I remember thinking, you know, that I hadn’t made it.
All right. Don't move, keep completely still. Don't try to get up.
Are you the driver?
No, a passenger. Are you all right?
Yes, I’m all right. Thanks.
Can the driver get out?
Yes, I think so, but she’s hurt.
Just keep still, take it easy. Now what's your name, mate?
How old are you, Pete?
Where does it hurt? No, don't move!
Well, my lower back.
Your lower back, all right.
Something feels wrong with this leg too.
No, don't try and show me. I’ll have a look in a minute. Is your neck OK?
Yes, my neck feels all right, I think.
Are you sure? And your head? It’s Pete, isn’t it?
I’m just checking your head. Now I’m checking to see that your collar-bones aren’t broken. He says his lower back hurts. Have you got pins and needles anywhere?
No, I don’t think so. In my hands a bit. I’m not very comfortable.
I know, but don't move. We’re going to keep you here until the ambulance arrives. They’ve got the right equipment. Won’t be long now. All your adrenalin's going now and you’re probably not feeling too bad, but if you move, that’s when you might damage something.
How old are you again, Pete?
Mate, you take it easy mate, all right?
Is your head hurting? Look I'm going to be angry with you in a minute, stop moving your hands. Now take a deep breath.
Does it hurt?
Let me slip this over you. It’s just a bit of oxygen. Now breathe normally.
He’s awake and he’s been talking. They’re looking after him.
Is that my friend there?
What, was someone with you?
There’s a lady over there. We’ve just been talking to her.
We’d just been shopping. We were going back to my car.
Aren’t you from round here? Why didn’t you park in the centre?
I don’t know, we always park here.
We're going to use these just to prop your head until the ambulance gets here. Won't be too long now. It's been chaos since the fog came down.
I'm rather uncomfortable. There's a broken slab.
Yes mate I know but don't move. How old did you say you were?
Will you explain to my friend. We’re supposed to be going home.
Are you getting cramp there, Ben?
No, you're all right. Won’t be long now, Pete. The ambulance is only a mile away.
Pete, when we get you up you might see that some of the police are carrying guns, but it’s nothing to worry about.
Can I speak to my friend?
Linda! He wants to speak to his friend.
We’ve all got GPS now. Sorry about the wait, Pete. It’s a chilly night. The car didn’t actually hit you, did it?
I don’t know, I thought it did. I saw it go into the wall.
You saw it?
It’s your friend. He wants to have a chinwag. A chinwag! A chat!
I was thinking that you weren’t the usual lot.
Tracking a stolen vehicle. I was right here when it happened.
Hello. (laughing)
I'm all right. I'm sorry, there's going to be rather a delay. You're all right, aren't you? (laughing)
Don't worry. (laughing)
They won’t let me move. (laughing)
When the ambulance comes they may put your friend onto a board and they may put a collar on his neck.
Yes, I thought they would.
Have you had a drink, Pete?
No - not since it hour or two.
No, he hasn’t. He means a cup of tea.
Here it comes now. We’ll get you moved now, Pete.
Have you got the shopping?
He’s worried about his shopping.
It’s fine. I’ve got it all here.
But the other bag. It was in my hand.
The other bag?
What was in it, Pete? I can’t see anything round here.
It was some presents. There was a poker game. And some CDs.
We found those sketchpads down the street.
Yes, that’s it.
I don’t believe it. Someone’s had his shopping.



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