Thursday, January 05, 2006


j makes a pint of lemon, honey and ginger smoothie after waking up all night with a scag in his throat

what shall we think of, g says repeatedly, mad keen to play 20Q.

what shall we think of

no-one can think of anything to think of. finally g thinks of a donkey.

are donkeys comforting? he wonders aloud.

can donkeys swim? we all think so, but no-one has ever seen a donkey swim.

are there any songs about donkeys? i google and say yes.

can donkeys climb? t says yes, they climb in morocco all over the mountains. but does it really count as climbing. (They're better at getting up than getting down.)

A mule isn't a donkey, I start to lecture. I know, says g, but now it's on question 25 and i just can't be bothered any more.


My mind's still on the trees of Frome, so I decide to think of Aesculus flava (yellow buckeye). You don't see buckeyes around much in England, but someone sacrificed all their daylight to one on Locks Hill; synapse of peach-coloured leaves in the wind. It turns out that one of g's mates lives in that house.

The only tree in the 20Q machine's database is "christmas tree".


who's that? ask him if he's had a drink since the party!


liam got his face kicked in

g was a witness.

no i wasn't - I was just outside on the steps and i saw him come out of the dark all bloody.


who said there were any regrets?


it certainly does contain liquid!

john it's asking is it a mussel!


We start work.


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