Tuesday, November 28, 2006

my favourite links

These are all in my Links down the side, as well.

I've just discovered Mairéad Byrne's "Heaven" which is instantly in my top ten. I've also added Jenny Allan's Intermittent Voices which is good for meditating.

News on some of the others:

Daniel Silliman's Blog can now be supplemented by reading his journalism - crime stories and a weekly column - it's all online and you can get to it from the blog.

rb's original "such stuff" site is now cut adrift and in slow orbit. Instead, set your Favorite to http://suchstuff.blogspot.com/ for the daily zing.

Johannes Göransson scrapped his first blog but hasn't scrapped this one yet.

Yves Rochereau's blog has just got this great joy of thinking and seeing things.

It's difficult to explain why I like my favourite sites, and that's why.

Portal to another world: Alan Marshfield's Nature of Things is one of those sites I don't want anyone to know I like but there's so much to look at and I keep getting drawn back.

[ The only thing I've written recently for Intercapillary Space is this review of Jessica Smith's Organic Furniture Cellar. More soon I hope, but in the mean time check out Emily Critchley's essay and the new eBook series and all the other stuff. ]


Since writing this I've also managed to finish this review of Cathal Ó Searcaigh in translation, with some notes on the Irish language. If the Irish letters come up looking all wrong at first, then pressing F5 seems to sort it out.

Anny Ballardini has put her Poetry Blogs paper online. It includes questionnaire-responses from various people, including me and Mairéad Byrne but, very sadly, not kari edwards.


At 1:18 pm, Blogger Jenny Allan said...

Thank you Michael, for the meditative mention and link. I love to loiter and leaf through the mix of nature and narrative at your blog.

At 8:57 am, Blogger rb said...

i was going to say what jenny said, except not nearly as well

thanks, michael



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