Thursday, October 05, 2006

for my gravestone

Lights in the sky are always uplifting. Happily once you start to look for them they turn out to be more common than you'd imagine; I reckon I must see about twenty sun-dogs a year and I don't work out of doors.

But today (at about 08:30) I saw something I'd never seen before. It was just a rainbow, or rather the two feet of a rainbow. But what I mean by saying I'd never seen it before is that there wasn't any sun. The whole sky seemed to have a fairly uniform covering of white stratus; one of those ordinary dull skies. It wasn't raining either. I don't get it, but things must I suppose have been a lot different a few miles westward where the source of this refraction hung in the air.

So I add this to the list of wonderful things that I've been lucky enough to see. Along with the iridescent clouds, reflected sunlight arcs, and above all, but hold on a minute was it you who once saw a LUNAR RAINBOW!!?


Guess it must have been me then!!

Oh yeah!!


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