Monday, September 04, 2006

brief history/intercapillary space latests

This is an updated list of recent and imminent entries; I've added links where the pieces now exist and you can see that I am dutifully and left-brainedly filling in the gaps - at least for the present...

Geraldine Monk, Tua Forsström, Euphorbia, Woodstock (Scott), Thomas Kinsella, Emma Lew, Katie Peterson, Ilma Rakusa, Janet Sutherland, Catherine Daly, Fisher's History of Europe, Eric Ambler (Dark Frontier), Ronald Fraser (Pueblo), Peter Paul Rubens / Lucian (Judgement of Paris), Axel Munthe, Mario Petrucci/Catullus, Pak Chaesam, Cathal O'Searcaigh, Pedro Juan Gutierrez, Peter Redgrove (again).

Oh, and if you happen to be a poetry publisher then email me because I want to persuade you to publish something (not by me).


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