Friday, September 29, 2006


Bernard put down a deposit on the snowboard.

Five hundred pounds of pure see the powdered snow fly up, to swing through the pipe...

I can see you frittering away the whole lot in a couple of weeks

Why don't you go halves with us on a camper-van instead. Well a bit more than halves in your case, that's only fair, because we only want it for three months. Come on, that would make a nice Christmas present for Nicks

They talked about the police.

Why don't you join the army instead get your hands on a real weapon

I might specialize in firearms

Yeah like hell would they let you loose

In London all the beauty parlours are up in arms about the met.. they're doing Brazilians for nothing!

They moved on to Leanne joining the police.

They can see the writing on the wall, too

Hey come outside, there's a wasp out here and I've just been watching it stinging the fuck out of a daddy-long-legs


That's a different one it's not the one he started on

No you cunt not me!

That's something I've never seen before

Yeah my old man told me that a wasp will go for a daddy-long-legs

They went back inside.

I'm sure she'll find that's a fair and equitable workplace they joked at the thought of her bra-straps hooked behind navy serge.

In one way she'd be well qualified, by spending all that time in sales she's lost any intelligence she might once have possessed

He went out of the room to lay his nest of stinky otters.


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