Friday, June 15, 2012

IS - Ink Sculptors

Over at Intercapillary Space I've posted a mini- bibliogaphy raisonee of Patricia Scanlan's Ink Sculptors press.  . I'll try and keep it updated with any more information that I get (for example, in the past couple of days I added in a bit of information about Máire Bradshaw, one of the authors). Seems a pretty nice example of a small art/poetry press (1988-94). What led me to check it out was reading through a volume by Scanlan herself; I became even more intrigued when I found Richard Makin and Jeremy Reed among the authors. In my personal pyramid of greatness, Makin is near to the very pinnacle. Some of the others are the kind of thing that I might in the past have put by as ephemeral, domestic, amateur, of strictly local or temporary interest. (And I suppose I still make those kind of judgments when I'm rummaging in a second-hand bookshop.) But as a relativist, I have to consider that all the other authors are each just as great as Richard Makin in their own ways. How can this be? That's the kind of thing that fascinates me: what relativism does to your perspective, the questions it asks.

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