Saturday, May 05, 2012

geology of emotions

Something's wrong, isn't it? Somewhere inscrutably deep in the strata,. Faults and folds of my life determine how I behave and what I don't do.

Your life. Don't leave it the way it is for the sake of the picturesque.

Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly known as "Tapping". Like kinesiology, acupressure, reflexology, and all the other Chinese energy-pathway meridian therapies, this method assumes that you can acess the complex intereriority of our bodily and spiritual lives through surface skin contact. Outrageous!

But it's also true, isn't it? Isn't a touch the most powerful access to the psyche? What are we?

This is a simple therapy, largely self-administered, and I use it and rate it.

Nick Ortner's excellent free summits are a good place to start, I did this last year. This year's starts tomorrow.



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