Wednesday, April 27, 2016

weeping white cherry

Here's a tree I've started to tune into this year. It's a weeping cherry with small single white flowers.

I'm not sure if it's:

A.  Prunus 'Snow Fountain' aka 'Snofozam', which I've read is a weeping Higan cherry (P. subhirtella), but not to be confused with weeping pink varieties like 'Pendula rosea', 'Pensula rubra'.

B. Prunus 'Snow Showers' aka 'Hillings Weeping', which I've read is a weeping Fuji cherry (P. incisa).

C. something else.

I've seen it in two forms:  parasol shaped (as here) (grown on a broomstick graft), or narrowly weeping all the way to the ground.

It flowers about the same time as 'Tae Haku'.

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