Tuesday, April 26, 2016

sound poetry international + and swedish

Öyvind Fahlström in 1961

A recent interchange with the Australian poet Hazel Smith brought me to this Russian site, the Electronic Museum of Lingua-Acoustic Space, which I think is a fantastic resource for discovering the extraordinary world of sound poetry.

Besides containing small samples from sound poets across the world (including Hazel Smith), it also contains a lot of history of the genre (bringing to the fore names like Henri Chopin that are well known to aficionados but virtually unknown to many of us who come from a verbal poetry tradition). 

Naturally I was particularly interested in this essay by Teddy Hultberg, about the fitful history of sound poetry in Sweden: 

Re the images here:  

Öyvind Fahlström, Fluxus artist, produced the influential 30-minute piece "Birds in Sweden" for the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation in 1963. 

Lars Gunnar Bodin is a text-sound artist associated in the 1960s with Bengt-Emil Johnson, Åke Hodell, Sten Hanson, etc.  (I didn't notice any women's names in Hultberg's essay.) Brief extract of his work below: 

Lars Gunnar Bodin and Sten Hanson in the 1960s

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