Tuesday, October 26, 2010

before the year night

Photos taken in Cornwall, a fine Saturday in October.

Comma (Polygonia c-album)

the wild lark of util
ity! crone nets

Sea Campion (Silene maritima). A coastal plant, here at Perranporth airfield. Also found inland on ground polluted by heavy metals, such as the lead spoilheaps at Priddy Mineries.

(below) Western Fumitory (Fumaria occidentalis), a Cornish speciality. Probably. I admit I didn't know what finer details to look for, but Eb told me it was a local plant, and it's certainly very robust.

(below) Corn Spurrey (Spergula arvensis). Like the previous plant, seen in fields of Savoy Cabbage.



At 9:22 pm, Blogger Mike Whittemore said...

What a beautiful looking plant. Nice blog! Thanks for sharing!


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