Wednesday, August 11, 2010

vast quantities

In your face and in your eyes
concealed skies;
what made you, what dominated you, and what prevented you.

That's what I love,
what you had no choice in, what afflicts you every day.
You, you, you...
This is the real you, the quiddity of reactionary priests.

oh those details: the poverty, the grandmothers,
the big suitcase, the terrifying shadow:
we both love them
It is beautiful, I promise you

the skies of your native past
turquoise heroic
lit up your eyes

your possession!

it's only a question of this: do the chains matter?
isn't it far better to buckle down?
Relax, carrot and blossom-honey, friendship.

but you fight in the shallows
I will change
I don't want you to
I don't love
your change.
remember, happy times too?
That's how I'm behaving!

Bubbles from their eyes
Floating in
The bucket.

the concealed
ignorance bliss

let's go and tend your grave.


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