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links to Sámi-language related pages

You should certainly look up the Sámi language entries on Wikipedia for some basic information, but I found it frustrating that a lot of their references are broken links. All the links in this post do work! Or at least they did when I added them.

I'm particularly interested in South Sámi, but the most practical variety to explore first is North Sámi, because there's a lot more material.(North Sámi has c. 20,000 speakers, Lule Sámi has c. 2,000, none of the others has more than a few hundred.) There is currently a drive to describe the dozen varieties of Sámi as dialects of a single language, rather than as a dozen separate languages (this is in order to emphasize that the Sami are one people).

* means recommended - that is to say, recommended for anyone like me who doesn't know any of the Sámi languages but is kind of generally interested in an irresponsible poetical personal sort of way. I particularly recommend the audio courses in North Sámi and Lule Sámi - even if you don't know any Swedish, you can listen to the audio samples and probably work out what's going on.


(webzine on Sami matters, published by the Sami Information Center (run by the Sámi Parliament in Sweden), in Swedish and English)

* (communication platform administered by the Sámi Education Center in Jokkmokk. Useful to compare the text of the main pages in Lule, North and South Sámi - as well as Swedish, English, and Finnish. Contributors write in various languages, most commonly Swedish)

(Illustrated lexicon by topic, for various languages/dialects including North Sámi, Lule Sámi and South Sámi alongside Danish, English, etc. NB For unexplained reasons the first topic page, which is about family relationships, always seems to be in Swedish, but the other pages look fine.)

NORTH SÁMI (DAVVI) English, with North Sámi tourist phrases)
(larger vocabulary North Sámi - English)

(starter course in North Sámi, in Swedish – with audio)
(Lone Synnøve Hegg, Existential School History from Loppa – in North Sámi, with translation in Norwegian.)
("YOU DECIDE" Pamphlets for young people issued by Norwegian govt, on social networking - in North Sámi)
(The Sami Non-fiction Writers and Translators Association website – in North Sámi)

(Lisa Monica Aslaksen's literature thesis - in North Sami)

(Inari site in English about reindeer herding, with some reindeer-herding-related vocabulary)
(small vocabulary Inari Sámi - English)

(Inari Sámi service book)


(starter courses in Lule Sámi, in Swedish – with audio)
(Photo of two-page spread in old Lule Sámi Hymnbook, taken by Olve Utne)


(Reports and interviews from South-Sámi camping school, by Inger Johansen. With translation into North Sámi and Norwegian - note that, confusingly, the North-Sámi word for South Sámi is "lullisámi"! There's a lot of other interesting stuff on this site (mainly in North Sámi) that I haven't had time to look at yet.)
(South Sámi grammar; in Norwegian)
(same thing in Swedish)



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