Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Prunus 'Shirofugen'

Photos taken on 20th April 2014, when the flowers are coming out. I wanted to capture that heavenly dusting of wine pink, which is one of the most uplifting sights I know.

"Shirofugen" means "White Buddah". Look at a young tree and you'll maybe catch the resemblance.

One of the most ancient Japanese cherry varieties, and surely the most amazing. Spreads laterally, so be prepared to sacrifice plenty of space.

The two pictures from 2010 near the end of the post (book-ending my poem) show a slightly later phase of flowering.

they shouted in the pouring autumn rain
calidad. You bent down and opened the post to
the market towns grass in a wild square Det var spread ingen knarkare.
Luxurious the chil - dren's ca - rou - sel
one sheet to one side, and we were constantly adding nodes
maten på burk lan and everyone was getting angry, the same boring lawsuits afterwards into the
crowded sod circle, and a pebble, and we did tip; I was hooked.

Anemone. White side
I said I thought it would be about four o'clock, and I hesitated then.
I thought it would
to you, you know. el mayor azote de la humanidad

rippling time, his hands welcoming, yet exposing a mark of interrogation

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