Friday, June 23, 2006

military vehicles

They went on nodding. We didn't nod - not neccessary: taken the oath. It's best with the flat of the brush. Dob down two oblongs to occupy the grille and then feather them with light in your eyes. Tesselate the hard areas with treadmarks, whoop brown fountains over your shoulder.

In modern conflict there is no need to press, no need to distRAINinguish personnel, no need to tRAINake them out of civilian RAINlife since conquest is the deployment of by-products. Casualty too can be absorbed sociologRAINically.

Bull-bar comes left and right, radio aerial grows up-down, the gun barrel comes straight out the painting and goes straight into the painting. There is your enemy. There are your guns, My Lord. On tarmac the tablets butterscotch lumps of caterpillar mud b-dmm b-dmmm b-dmm b-dmm over sleepers, heat-haze, cats eyes removed, hidden dips.

Thundering, pennants, was good idea to turn on them. A tap on the nose.


We were getting along the street with shoes tied to bundles, for our steps smoked. I got separated, not seeing for tears in the wall of heat and crashed from sparks into a cellar, blind in the dark. Itching harness of an old goat, the roaring open bread-oven, a roll of smoke sagged across a skylight in heavy folds heard you, coughing a bit that cheapo of the ash-coated birds



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