Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my links

I've just done the annual troll around my links (the ones over there on the right). Not the ones featuring me, the ones further down. I'm quite precious about these links. There aren't very many, but each of them has meant a lot to me at one time or another, it's delighted me and also irritated, informed, amused, infuriated, beguiled, challenged, struck dumb or whatever, and I've spent plenty of time there. I'm surprised and happy to report that none of the links were broken; an increasing number, sadly, are now dormant, and I was very sorry to read that William Harris died this February - he will make you in love with classical poetry. I've added a few new ones. Ken Edwards' blog (poet, musician, publisher) began in March and every word of it is worth reading. Nordic-Voices-in-translation is also a new (but very prolific) blog by a group of translators of nordic literatures - (it ticks most of the boxes mentioned above, but especially to inform and infuriate). After a long time I've decided I really have to put Catherine Daly's blog on there, though it is quite delibrately not crafted, often messy and mundane, but then it will suddenly fling out something dazzling and completely strange. As I've been writing this I've remembered some others that ought to be here, and maybe I'll add them soon. Anyway, go and click on one of these links and your head will expand, I promise.


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