Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy new Year

It's Lady Day.
This is because it is nine months before the birth of Jesus (25th Dec), therefore the day that Mary conceived (Annunciation).
Some have also claimed it was the date of the first Easter, i.e. Jesus' resurrection (March 25th AD31).
Also, more or less, the vernal equinox. (Bloody ACE!!)
Mothering Sunday this year is 3rd April (4th Sunday in Lent). One of many Mother's Days around the world, with classical or pre-classical antecedents, tending to take place around the vernal equinox. Simnel Cake in the UK, for long traditional on Mothering Sunday, but the 11 disciples (marzipan balls) rather suggest an Easter connection originally.
(Does any of this have any connexion with Lady Day? Probably.) Anyway, back to Lady Day.
Traditional English quarter day, and originally New Year's Day (until 1752), when we went from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar.
(Vernal Equuinox is still the start of the Iranian New Year.)
Origin of the Swedish word for what we call waffle (in Sweden eaten on this day), :- Våffel - Vår Fru (Our Lady).


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