Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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Busyness is threatening my record of blogging nearly every day this year. Also, as I've got more interested in the diastic method I'm updating my previous post because it doesn't make sense to split this material over multiple posts. Probably daily blogging is a bit too often anyway - Dan Silliman posts 2-3 times per week and I regard his blog as definitional.

But I do want to share this link (via Vincent) : Attitude and Pepper Spray, workplace blog written by a US prison guard on shift. Here's a bit of it:


It's been close to an hour since I got home and I think my earlobes are just now starting to come back online. It was the kind of cold that felt like someone was running a frozen chainsaw up and down your legs, even through the long johns.

As usual when we are running the chow line, there were officers inside the chow hall and some outside doing pat searches and watching the yard. I was worried that they guys outside were getting too cold and I kept running out there to make sure they were okay and then running back inside to make sure things were going well in there.

I'm sure it was mildly amusing to watch.

We had a good crew out on the yard tonight. I had the Fireman and Gray Ham and Snack. The Fireman and Gray Ham are both old yard dawgs and know what to do without me getting on to them. Snack is young and fairly new but has a pretty good head on his shoulders. He'd gone up to watch the med line and I ran up to make sure he went inside and warmed up when he needed it.

The Fireman was inside calling the houses and checking with me about the timing and Gray Ham was out in his insulated bibs wandering the yard watching the movement. He wouldn't have gone inside if I had told him to so I didn't bother.


Some of my favourite blogs are workplace blogs. For around five years I've been the avid reader of a private blog (circulated by weekly email) from out of the world of aggregates/tarmacing - I've often wanted to ask my mate if I could quote some of it here, but I still haven't got round to it.


At 4:56 pm, Blogger All My Own Idea said...

hmm...funny it should occur to you to ask before you quote someone elses unique gem, can't say as I've noticed,...only after the fact, about three years later anyway...god, I could be famous in my own right by now, but instead I've got to be satisfied with shining through your light,..tuh


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