Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sunny side up

Posting from my phone. Laura thinks a post about her Saturday bout of salmonella would be a good topic and I agree. We went to Bath, though she was already feeling well dodgy. After parking the van she went and lay down in the back while I drank tea from the thermos and talked to a coach driver who was passing the day while his flock went round the Christmas market. We got half way down the woodland walk and she threw up her breakfast juice under an ash tree. Then we went to Costa and she sat with her head on the table. We gave up on shopping and went back to the van and drove to Swindon, stopping on the way for Laura to be sick outside Dyrham Park. In the evening we watched Place in the Sun, back to back Dinner Date and about three hours of Britain on Benefits. Laura said it was the best evening in she'd had for ages. She reckons people often get ill to get some proper downtime.


At 6:06 am, Blogger Vincent said...

Laura is right!


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