Wednesday, January 11, 2017

120 hours of TEFL

About a week ago I signed up to do a  TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), thinking that at some point in my post-9-to-5 future it might come in handy.

The course requires 120 hours of study over the next six months, and the penny's now dropped that 120 hours is quite a lot of study, and I've no idea where those hours are going to be coming from. But it's a fair bet that many of them will be hours I'd have liked to spend blogging.  So I apologise in advance for a likely drop in both quantity and quality up until July.

Meanwhile, here are the lyrics of Ted Gärdestad's "För kärlekens skull", a modern Swedish classic. Ted was a teenage idol in the 1970s and a very talented musician. The Abba organization tried to promote him internationally, but without success. He was mentally fragile, and in his mid-20s he suddenly abandoned the music business in mental turmoil, falling into the hands of a fraudulent religious cult. He may have suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Twelve years later, in 1993, he made a comeback with this song. (Ted wrote the music to his songs, and his brother Kenneth wrote the words.) Some three years later, he committed suicide. Admiration for Gärdestad's music has grown exponentially since his death, and comparisons with Taube and Bellman are not unknown.


Verse 1:

Utanför fönstret slår våren ut
Marken blir grön igen
Allt som var dött väcks till liv
Det kan också vi
Så länge vi andas

Outside the window the spring returns
The land becomes green once more
All that was dead wakes to life
So also can we
As long as we're breathing

Verse 2:

Ute till havs styr en fiskebåt
Längs en fri horisont
Den gungar så tryggt in mot hamn
Som jag i din famn
Så länge vi älskar

Out on the sea steers a fishing-boat
Against a clear horizon
Swings so confidently into the harbour
Like me in your arms
As long as we're loving


Det är för oss
Solen går opp
Och lyser som guld
För kärlekens skull

It is for us
The sun comes up
and shines like gold
For love's sake

Solen går opp
Så oskuldsfull
Och lyser på oss
För kärlekens skull

The sun comes up
So innocently
And shines on us
For love's sake

Verse 3:

Högt på ett berg står en katedral
Och pekar upp mot skyn
Men det är för himlen i dig
Och jorden i mig
Vi älskar varandra

High on a hill stands a cathedral
And points to the sky
But it's for the heaven in you
And the earth in me
That we love each other

(repeat Chorus)

Above, Ted Gärdestad performing För Kärlekens Skull

The song has been covered many times. Yes, I'm learning it myself....

Below is a particularly wonderful version for acoustic guitar and voice, by Ulf Lindholm:

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