Thursday, February 09, 2017

a walk in Hertfordshire

28th January, 2017

the cup and grass             he looked up slily         the certainty of speaking

a bench-end of coarse bread          poisoned earth around the poem
                                                       that costs so little to write

  monseigneur          the pliers           stretched a run into the argot

a slip-case for the bread        release me        what was certainly too cheap

if you met     stale    foreshore      will wreathe    beauty-spot    they clutched

  light again                             do you see ship or sheep
gleamed   a rider's track  maid of Meltis  racked yield and felloe  suspected mettle


old wagon



This is a very coherent and unified landscape, based on its landform of small valleys and relative remoteness and tranquility. There are extensive views within and beyond the area, especially to the east and west, with only small blocks of woodland to filter views and few hedges. It is thus also an open landscape, of medium scale. ... This is not an unusual landscape but should be valued for its historic integrity and blend of form and function.

burred ash tree

ash branches

mugwort field, for pheasants

some sort of mustard with delicious seeds

anvil of a fierce shower-cloud on the horizon



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