Tuesday, March 21, 2017

along the garden fence

Rosmarinus officinalis

Mediterranean shrub with glorious flavour as a pot-herb. Height of flowering is in late winter.

The challenge of deciding when is the right time to prune Rosemary (obviously never, in my own case):


With Alzheimer's such a grotesque and undignified ending to so many western lives, there's naturally a lot of interest in the traditional association between rosemary and memory enhancement.

"Rosemary produced a significant enhancement of performance for overall quality of memory and secondary memory factors, but also produced an impairment of speed of memory compared to control..."


More clearly, Rosemary has typical antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Some of the undoubted benefits of Rosemary and other herbs must, I believe, have to do with the psychological or spiritual state that arises from a respectful meeting with nature ... for example, eating what we've grown or gathered ourselves.

Anemone blanda

These plants were given to me by my Mum, a generous gardener, last year. (Come to think of it, she gave me the rosemary plant too...)  They are the Balkan/SE European species Anemone blanda. (Anemona apennina is a slightly taller species of South-Central Europe) I often see patches of A. blanda flourishing beyond the garden fence, but that seems to be as far as it ever gets, so I suppose it  spreads by bulb division but not by seed.


Wallflower, possibly Erisymum cheiri "Sunset Primrose". An early flowerer anyway.

(Photos from 0900 this morning, Tuesday March 21st.)



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