Friday, March 16, 2018

Nicholas Whyte's blog

No time for blogging today.

I've just had one of those delightful moments when you happen across a new blog and immediately know that you're going to enjoy the company of the writer very much indeed, and that there's a huge archive to wander through.

This is the blog of Nicholas Whyte.  His job is something impressive like an international affairs expert, and he also maintains the Northern Ireland election results website. Like me and Andrew Duncan he's a lapsed medievalist. He's majorly into science fiction, which I'm afraid doesn't mean a great deal to me, but he also reads and blogs about a lot of other not-too-predictable books (I was actually googling on Marlowe's play The Massacre at Paris , but ended reading about Ayn Rand, Terry Eagleton and Tolstoy). He doesn't write from an academic or literary perspective but just freshly, enthusiastically and thoughtfully.  I'll be back.



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