Monday, October 08, 2018

by the river Jerte

The first time I went to Plasencia I backed my van into a parked car. The second time wasn't a good time either, and I began to think the place was accursed. But this time we discovered the beautiful park beside the river Jerte, and spent several tranquil hours bathing our feet and drinking green tea among the picnicking families and the behatted domino players.

Al Olmo del Puente Viejo

Pasé bajo tus ramas árbol viejo
y absorto me admiré de tu grandeza:
grabé mi nombre un día en tu corteza
y a tu sombre imploré de ti un consejo.
En las aguas del Jerte que es tu espejo,
con amor reflejaste tu belleza
compendio de humildad y de nobleza
que con bondad me ofreces. Ya me alejo,
de tu sombra frondoso ¡árbol amado!,
pero pienso volver a contemplarte
cuando pase viajero o peregrino
en pago a las consejos que me has dado.
Tan sólo con mi amor podré pagarte,
¡celoso vigilante del camino!

To the elm beside the old bridge

I passed beneath your branches, ancient tree,
and absorbed I admired your grandeur:
one day I carved my name in your bark
and in your shade I implored your advice.
In the waters of the Jerte which are your mirror,
lovingly reflecting your beauty,
is compounded the humility and nobility
that you offer in good will. Now I am far
from your leafy shadows, beloved tree,
yet I mean to return to contemplate you,
whenever there passes a traveller or pilgrim,
in payment for the counsel you once gave me.
Only with my love can I repay you,
zealous watcher of the way!

Poem from 1983 by the Placentino poet Sixto Martín Rodriguez. (i.e. from Plasencia).

Plasencia, in Extremadura, has a bullfighting tradition, and the only other references I found to this poet are in bullfighting magazines.



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