Thursday, April 25, 2019

Unending mysteries of cherry trees

Unending mysteries of cherry trees. I almost passed this one by, but then I realized it was in flower. To a certain extent. It's a healthy young tree on a trading estate in Swindon. It looks a bit like Kanzan, if you can imagine Kanzan with hardly any blossom. But Kanzan buds appear before (or alongside) the dark red new leaves, and the emerging petals are deep rose. On this tree the little red buds appear when the leaves are already green, and the emerging petals are the same light pink as the mature blossom.

Just as a reminder, here's what Kanzan usually looks like (this one was a bit further down the street).


An hour earlier, I came across another mystery while strolling through the abandoned Moredon Tree Collection. (The white blossom you can see on the left is a collapsed Bird Cherry).

The blossoms were a bit past it, except for a few that were growing straight out of the bole (which has rocketed skywards).

The only single pink cherry blossom that I'm familiar with is Sargent Cherry, but 25th April seems a bit late for that -- I saw others coming into flower on 20th March, and the blossom usually lasts just a couple of weeks.

On the lateral branches the blossoms all hang down: it must have looked lovely a week ago.



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