Monday, June 26, 2006


Some readers may not have noticed that a couple of recent entries bloated heavily since their sketchy beginnings. Rather than drift back yet again to "Lovely Kjell", I quote this chance encounter here, I hope like a submerged rock a short way out.

Rusty cables and chains, ropes and rings, undermost parts of posts and piles and confused timber-defences against the waves, lie strewn about, in a brown litter of tangled sea-weed and fallen cliff which looks as if a family of giants had been making tea here for ages, and had observed an untidy custom of throwing their tea-leaves on the shore.

(C Dickens, "Our English Watering-Place" - find it in Miscellaneous Papers in a typical Collected edition).

Here's what I have written about recently or mean to write about very soon: Geraldine Monk, Tua Forsström, Euphorbia, Woodstock (Scott), Thomas Kinsella, Emma Lew, Katie Peterson, Ilma Rakusa, Janet Sutherland, Catherine Daly, Fisher's History of Europe, Eric Ambler (Dark Frontier), Ronald Fraser (Pueblo), Peter Paul Rubens / Lucian (Judgement of Paris), Axel Munthe and some other stuff that I've forgotten right now.


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