Wednesday, January 03, 2007

as far as the esso

Don’t give Nan a hard time you.

She tickled his neck, watching his fine black brows, haircut that morning, eyes fixed on the story. He couldn’t come out of the story but he returned her caress, rubbing the back of his head into her palm.


It’ll just have to wait. I went back for it but Cuntface had locked up hadn’t he. Such a fucking tosspot.

They slowed to a cruise coming up to the lights. Out the window he fired off a burp like a pig rooting in a trough.

Living the moment. That’s for people with fucking Alzheimer’s.


Meanwhile lit up in neon the two girls went undisturbed about their work and chatted. It was the lazy hour when the trucks had all gone. Beneath it all, they were waiting.

They tell you to lift your arms, or you get smileys under your boobs. I had an Aloha and I wished I’d have had a Mediterranean.

Cos like nothing happens at first.

Totally! I only had some red marks across my stomach when I went to bed and I thought, right... Then I woke up in the night and I went into the bathroom and went oh my God!!

Oh no, it looks amazing.

Oh my God I was in the shower trying to wash some of it off. See this - I had to make up to tone it down!

Oh that reminds me, let me get to my bag a minute.

They pushed past each other in the narrow space. The ugly cow’s balled tissues had built up behind the till.

Liam’s showed first. They parked near the car-wash and flicked the bonnet. Under its shade they went on talking. One scooter, then another, materialized out of the day that had ended.

Around the pumps sleeked the muscular engines, revving, manoevring. Some had a blue LED in the dash, glinting like a single ear-ring.

Nail Extensions! I went Yay. The other one was .. Safe Baby Massage.—No – Numpty - Delivering Baby Massage!

Oh I know. When I was having Dean


Jen leaned out, young plump bare arm and tube of death curling.

What’s happened to Banger.

Oh, Banger. Fucking Christ. He called me this morning said mate, I’m just not going to make it. I said you fucking lazy arse I’m coming to pick you up in ten minutes. He says no, it’s not that, I’ve got to see the dentist this morning. I’ve got no front teeth.

Oh my God. I thought you stayed with him.

No. No, I’d gone. It happened after they left, outside the kebabby.

The kebabby, well that’s a surprise.


(Nita shimmered again like a massive wave of sound. And then she just come over, pressed up against him so hard.)

What? No I don’t know, he couldn’t take it in. Just come out the darkness.

The same guy who threatened him in the pub.

I don’t know. Listen I’m gonna shoot.




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