Tuesday, July 03, 2007

another recess

Another recess, a shorter one this time - a week or two. These Spanish trips have something to do with the exceptionally wet summer in England (and with not having a job at the moment). The rare white mullein has failed to produce a flower this year. What seems to strike everyone is the exceptional luxuriance of the common mallow along roadsides: the flowers are really beautiful, seen close up; and ignoring the tatty leaves which are being eagerly consumed by insect life.

Today the sun showed up by the afternoon. It's still summer. A girl's wrist, waving musically out of the window of a car. The long evenings are brighter than the days.


At 7:38 am, Blogger Vincent said...

And I really miss not being able to go wayfaring on country paths this year, having not taken a working day off since Feb 5th, after 10 years unemployed. I had planned to check so many plants and insects and keep up with their cycles, which is a full-time job as so much happens. All I've had time for is urban strolls, usually on the same routes.

It would be nice if you can write more.


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