Thursday, September 10, 2009

This is the name of my new website - or rather, the old old website, migrated. This is the site that contains the Brief History and other writings as shown on the right.

The new site is functional now, but it probably contains some broken links. If this happens, you see a nice photo of poppies instead of what you were expecting. Please tell me!

Some existing links (e.g. within older posts on this blog) will probably never be updated and probably won't work, (though according to Yahoo! these links were meant to be automatically redirected). If you have ever linked to one of my pages, then the link should be changed from, e.g.


I took the easy way out and went with Yahoo's small business service ("poetry is ultimate small business" - Charles Bernstein). I checked out the free hosting sites but they really seemed to be outlaw country these days - a pity, and I feel like I've given way to a loss of principle as well as money. The good side of finally paying a subscription is that the site will be a lot faster, won't hit download limits, carries no ads, and I can load lots of images and sound files if I want. However, I've decided against a total makeover. I've often dreamt of a Brief History that was searchable, had proper frames, and all that stuff, but as always I'd rather put the time into writing a bit more of it. Therefore it will continue to have the retro text-based appearance that it had in 1999. Enjoy!


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