Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Welcome to all the garden bloggers!

For some reason I haven't quite fathomed yet, the last week has seen lots of visits from other bloggers who mostly seem to write about gardens. Which is a little embarrassing, since this isn't a gardening blog, or any other kind of blog either. It does have some entries about plants, but you might have to scroll down a bit - after all, it's late November...

Anyway, welcome, and I've checked out some of the blogs of the people who came by and I'm pretty stunned at how good they are. Here are three to make up for any disappointment with this one:

In fact, I haven't even got a garden, only a couple of corners that I've surreptitiously nibbled out of common land because no-one else seemed very interested. And you possibly might not even notice them if you walked past because, well, for example the last plant I actually planted was creeping bent...! I do also have perennial sunflowers and penstemons.


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