Wednesday, September 30, 2009

specimens of the literature of Sweden...cont'd

     Autumn concert

     Silent and grey
     like a cathedral of the Middle Ages
     Tramsberget rears up
     out of Lossen's autumnal crescendo
     while Anåfjällen's gleaming furioso
     grazes the skies

     Over Galtjärn's black mirror
     blazing leaves dancing
     like butterflies
     awakened once more
     by the autumn organ's mighty fugue

     In the wildwoods
     the glow of lingon cresting
     like love-chords
     ripe and ready to fall
     into grateful hands
     when the wind turns over
     the first dazzling page
     of winter's score

(from Bo Lundmark, Den Sjunde Dagen - dikter från glesbygden, 1992. The author lives in Härjedalen.)


     The surge

     The wave's surge against
     reflects the fire
     within me


     Take out your feelings
     Hunt them
     Overtake them
     Catch them
     Hold them still!
     A long time!

(from Nära Och Kära, Dikter av Gunhild Larsson, booklet from c.1998. The author lives in Ångermanland.)

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