Wednesday, October 26, 2011

melodies for eva

A little album recorded last Monday evening, to celebrate my mum's recent birthday party where some of these were performed.

My musical creations are rather in the spirit of Leevi Lehto's "because I'm not meant to be allowed to do this", in particular the Preludes - I'm now more than half-way through my sequence of 24. The only other set of Preludes for guitar that I know is by Mexico's great composer Manuel Maria Ponce (and it's really good, even if partially reconstructed), but I'd love to hear about others.

01. Små nära ting (Kurt Foss and Reidar Bøe / Ture Nerman)
02. Melody for Eva (loosely based on a rather more famous guitar tune...)
03. The Holy Ground (19th C sea shanty, in its settled form celebrating "The Holy Ground", red light district in Cobh, Co. Cork, but in the oldest versions it was Swansea Town)
04. Prelude in B flat
05. Waltz in D
06. Whiskey in the Jar (Irish traditional)
07. Prelude in E
08. Danny Boy (i.e. the tune "Londonderry Air", Irish traditional)
09. Små nära ting (English Version)

Much more about the song "Små nära ting" in this post.

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