Monday, January 30, 2012

crushed data cube gridmap - spring-cleaning

So, after a mere 8 years on Blogger, I've finally begun to use Labels. This was yesterday, when I found someone - Kirk apparently - who could give me some code to insert into my ancient G1 Blogger template so that it could display a list of labels.

It was only when I'd started to use them that I began to grasp their full potential. Yes, I'd already foreseen that labels could eventually replace the painfully manual list of Botanical Posts. But what I now perceived, glimmeringly, was that they might also eventually supply a future for the Brief History, currently wrapped in the cloak of an ancient format that is difficult to update or consult or read.

Yielding to the power of Labels is also, I know, just another small step towards total compromise with the information-based nature of the Internet. I hope to make up for it in some other ways.

I've also been through my recommended links. Some sites, regrettably, have disappeared since the last trawl (notably, Charles Freeland's - it contained non-comprehensible fictions). I dropped some other links because I decided I was no longer as interested in them as I used to be. And I've added a few that ought to have been here ages ago.

* (Later the same day)

Curses! I've realized that replacing the manual botanical index with labels just isn't going to work, because there's a 200-character limit on the total length of labels per post. And some of my posts might talk about seven or eight plants, plus I want to give the vernacular name as well as the Latin. So I guess I'll be maintaining the index after all. Great for you; not so great for me!


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