Wednesday, July 11, 2012

McDonald's tea served with organic milk - not

In a recent post I incidentally gave McDonald's some positive (and deserved) PR .

But it cuts both ways. So today I want to ask a question about this:

Made with PG tips tea and served with organic semi-skimmed milk. 

Well, that's what it says here:

And that's also what it says on promotional material in the restaurants themselves. For example "The A to Z ... of What Makes McDonald's" (leaflet, (C) McDonald's 2012).
U .. is for the udders that fill our bottles with lovely organic milk. All the milk used in our coffee, tea, porridge and Happy Meal milk bottles is British, semi-skimmed and organic. How refreshing.
Well, up til about the end of 2011 this claim about organic milk was definitely true. The milk sachets were supplied by Dairystix and they were certified as organic.

But in 2012 I've had many teas at half a dozen different UK McDonald's restaurants and every time I've been given little tubs of UHT milk made by Lakeland. And they're definitely NOT organic.

So what's going on?


Follow-up note (Aug 12, 2012). Probably as a direct result of this post, new-style milk-portions (organic, McDonald's-branded)  have now appeared and are being given out with the tea! ;-)


At 3:11 am, Blogger Caitlin Snyder said...

Interesting! Good for you for picking up on this! Are you vegan?


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