Friday, November 23, 2012


L and now K have recently headed off to work in foreign places, both leaving glittering trails of modern music behind them. I'm cautiously dipping in, too much exposure might blow my mind. 

From L's collection I found an unrelenting 1-hr mix from DJ Twigz,  apparently from October 2009. Twigz is from Orange County, SW California. It's a dance mix, mostly at very high tempo until the last five minutes: in its endurance-test aspect it reminds me quite a lot of the symphonies of Allan Pettersson, something that might come as a surprise to both artists.  Especially Petterssonian are the tiny repeated motifs, typically chromatic in nature, that Twigz favours here. The mix is also captivating and fun, maybe best suited to parties, suites, shops and clubs where your body listens all the time but your attention can tune in and out.

Meanwhile from K's stack of listening wonder I liked the look of the Fulgeance CD To All of You (2011). I think Fulgeance comes from Caen in Normandy. It's electronica that is both primitivist and sophisticated, the music tends to transform in unpredictable (but ever-beautiful) ways. The tracks are named after places Fulgeance has performed - a sort of inclusive, romantic wave of the hand to an international network of small scenes. Hiver Normand, Glasgow Lunacy, Sweet Sofia,  etc. Once again a resonance from the classical world came to mind, this time Joaquín Rodrigo's "Por los campos de España", like this a charmingly concise musical travelogue.

Turns out that neither artist is particularly big-time, and one thing they both have in common is that they're on SoundCloud. I promptly joined up myself, so now you can check out all three of us.

Dj Twigz - Aug 2011 by DJ-TWIGZ
London Falling by fulgeance
Londonderry Air by michaelpeverett



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