Monday, March 23, 2015

amazon reviewers

This is a stub list of interesting Amazon reviewers I've happened across. - reviewers that make you want to press the button that says "Read all my reviews". I'll update it as and when.


Steampunk "JS" Northern Ireland. 44 pages of reviews. 

His interests include razors and luxury eau de colognes and shaving creams, computer gaming, Christianity, painting and art history, Hebrew and classical Greek. He also does decent Vine reviews (these are solicited reviews where the reviewer gets the product for free).

There's pretty well no end to his talents: he paints, plays classical guitar, and runs Linux on his PC. He is 60ish and retired and in effect is his blog - he's written lots and lots of reviews. He appears to be an Evangelical (believes John's Revelation to be a true account) but this leaves little trace on his reviews in general. He's theologically learned, yet enthusiastic about Transcendental Meditation and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

jacr100 (UK). 13 pages of reviews.

Reviews global modern novels, - Latin American, Polish, Armenian and anywhere else. Also books about private investing. Visits Africa. The approach is unacademic, impatient of any avant-gardism or obscurity. Opinions are unpredictable and mostly acute, though sometimes bizarre. (I came across jacr100 while writing about L'Etranger).

Seems now to have stopped publishing reviews. A pity.

VampireCowboy (Portland OR)

He uses it more as a "books I've read" list than the others. He went though and Aleister Crowley phase. He publishes books about vampire cowboys. He's a sceptical-minded person with an interest in philosophy and ideas. He's either a vegan or thinks veganism is where we're evolving. He doesn't think much of positive thinking.

 The wonder here is how many books that sound fascinating are read by just one person.

A.R. Woollock. Highly postmodern. Uni teacher interested in educational philosophy. Lyotard-influenced. Reviews modern novels (Ballard, Coover, Koestler, Murakami, Rushdie) , philosophers and educational thinkers (in valuable depth, sometimes), snooker accessories, coffee-makers, watercolour materials, rice. Atheist. Lives in Belfast.


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