Monday, May 11, 2015

the snowy scratch-card

OK, I admit it, I'm only posting this to see how my new email subscription service Feedburner (sign up over there on the right!) will handle multiple posts in a single day. (Not something that's likely to happen very often, but hey.)

[The piece that followed this flippant opening grew into a ten-part essay about Andrea Brady's poetry that was finished in September 2015 and has now been moved to Intercapillary Space.



 After an immersion on this scale there's a strange sense of being reborn to life and feeling able to take a look around. And naturally, one of the first things I see is all the things I've missed out of my essay, of which the most glaring is Dompteuse, Brady's response to Hannah Höch.

The wire mother is a terrible cage regardless
serves its purpose. Same cloth
cuts an obscene hourglass against their figures,
proportioned to a Spanish drama on the Bangalore line.


And here's another free extra for those who've arrived at this obscure post:

The Brady poem I came nearest to writing about without actually doing so was "Tunic" (in Wildfire).

Coincidentally, (I'm writing this on October 1st 2015), I've just received my copy of the anthology of innovative women poets Out of Everywhere 2 . Brady is one of the 44 poets and is represented by "Tunic" (most of it, anyway), along with some extracts from Mutability.



At 1:49 pm, Anonymous Gavin Evans said...

I hope your post proved whether Feedburner was working or not.

At 4:22 pm, Blogger Michael Peverett said...

Yes, and it did cope with multiple posts.

I give Feedburner 6/10. It does what it's supposed to, but what I think would be better than the way Feedburner does it is A. a separate email for each post. and B. The post-title in the email Subject. My own experience as a consumer of subscription emails is that when I'm busy I often delete them without reading them (or, what amounts to the same thing, set them aside for a later reading that I never get round to...). That is, unless something grabs me in the Subject heading. Most of us are busy most of the time, - busy enough not to open every subscription email, anyway - so the Subject heading comes to assume great importance. The generalized Subject generated by Feedburner, telling you nothing about the post content, isn't going to tweak anyone's curiosity.


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